Foreign Language Scholarships

Foreign Language Scholarships started in the academic year 2013-2014 by Yücel Cultural Foundation and have been of great interest to young people. They will continue by this academic year as well!

If you lack the foreign language skills and would like to enrich your life by learning a new language this scholarship is made for you!

APPLICATION DATES: 13th of June - 12th of August.


How does it work? 

Thanks to the cooperation between British Culture, Institut Français and YKV, students who are entitled to a foreign language scholarship receive the great part of their course fee as form of a scholarship paid by the YKV. Each time you finish a level successfully the amount that you have to pay yourself diminishes. (You can see the details of the scholarship for different foreign language institutions below on this page.)

In order to receive the scholarship, you are required to apply during the application period explained on this page. After the submission of applications, the selection committee analyzes and selects the applicants in accordance with the scholarship quota. The selected candidates and the linguistic institutes are informed of the positive evaluation of scholarship applications. Candidates, then, register and start following classes. 

Scholars are required to go to at least 60% of the classes. If this obligation is not respected, then they are required to return the scholarship. Abstention due to medical reasons is not part of the above obligation.

Please check the article (11.e) in scholarship regulation!

Who can apply?

It is not required to be a university student in order to apply for this scholarship. Everyone between the ages 18 – 26 are eligible.

Once a candidate is selected for this scholarship, (s)he can continue until the desired level with the condition that (s)he fulfills the minimum required grade at the end of each level. Scholars can not change assigned foreign Language.In this sense, our foreign language scholarships are not accorded on yearly basis or on specific level.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you need to first finish the membership procedure on our website via clicking 'register' button.

Then, you need to choose foreign language scholarships application and complete the online application form (you need to write the same mobile number and e-mail as in membership procedure).

You do not need to fill up the form at once, if you wish, you can save and continue afterwards by clicking SAVE TEMPORARILY at the end of the page. When you are sure about your informations, you can end the procedure by clicking EVALUATE THE FORM. After you use that button, you willnot be able to change the form.

Applications can be made only for one language and any other application willnot be considered.

Foreign Language Scholarship results will be anounced online on September 1 each year.

Required Documents in case of getting scholarship (compulsory for every candidate)

1. Written contract (must be wet signature and with photo)

2. Current residence certificate

According to Online Application Form information (personal)

1.If filled "rental house" on the form, Copy of Rental Contract 

2.If marked on the form, payroll,monthly retirement proof or similar documents (can take for e-devlet) belong to family members

3.If marked on the form, documents of social security organization for artisans and the self-employed (bağkur),health card for uninsured people in turkey (yeşilkart) exc. copies or documentary from e-devlet belong to family members

Other than these documents, different paper may be needed in order to confirm the scholarship application forms. For further information, please visit YCF Scholarship Particulars page.


- Scholars can choose every section of British Culture through Taksim branch in anywhere in Turkey.

- Scholars can register to every language course available in the particular section. They can also choose for general English language courses.

- The organized courses are identical to the English courses given in British Culture and are in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages.

- 80 hours of course for the Beginner level (A1) is required. For A2 and B1 levels respectively 100 and 120 hours are required. For B2 and C1 levels 100 hours of course are requried.

- Classes are for 6 -15 persons. There is native teacher requirement: 25% for A1, A2 and B1 levels; and 50% for B2 and C1 levels.

- Scholars have right to have 1 hour of extra private course six days per week alongside the classes.

- Scholars can also freely participate to the Conversation Club.

- Scholars also can freely participate to the Vocabulary & Writing Club.

- Scholars also can freely participate to the Phonetics Club.

- Scholars can self-support their linguistic levels freely by the web-site MyKelime starting from the A1 level via the Elit Member entry.

- Scholars receive books and other educative materials without any supplementary fee.

- Scholars benefit freely and in an unlimited manner from the organized activities such as personal development programs, Latin Dances, Public speaking and Phonetics

- Teachers are required to have a pedagogical formation and at least one of the following teaching certificates: RSA, CELTA, DELTA, TRINITY or TESOL.

- Scholars benefit from British Culture's Library for a guaranty deposit of 20 TL.

- Scholars who have a participation ratio of 95% can repeat the same level in case they fail at the first time.

- Scholars who finish the levels successfully receive a British Council English Language Certificate. It is registered into the system with the identity or passport number of the candidate.

- Scholars who would like to use the Foreign Language Scholarship at British Culture pay 302 TL per level instead of the normal fee. The rest is paid by the YKV. If scholar has a 90% success rate at the end of the level, and would like to continue with the next level, then (s)he is required to pay 50 TL less.


- Scholars can register the language school of Institut Français in Istanbul.

- Scholars register for the general French programs of any desired level. (After the placement test.)

- Classes are composed of minimum 8, maximum 18 persons.

- The entirety of the French courses are given by the teachers of the Institut Français who accomplished their education and received their certificates, completed a pedagogical formation.

- The registration fee to the program includes the level determination test and pedagogical support.

- At the end, scholars receive their certificate given by Institut Français in Istanbul.

- Registered scholars have right to benefit from 1 year library membership and 6 months membership of the Institute's e-learning platform.

- Registered scholars have right to freely participate to many activities organized by Institut Français.

- Book fee is not included in the course fee and need to be separately paid by scholars.

- Beginner (A1) and Advanced Beginner (A2) levels require (50 + 50) 100 hours; Intermediate (B1) and Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1) and Proficient (C2) levels require (50 + 50 + 50) 150 hours of course.

- Each level is divided in sections per 50 hours of course. In other words, A1 and A2 levels are subdivided in 2; B1, B2, C1 and C2 are subdivided in 3 sections.

- Scholars who would like to use their foreign language scholarships at the Institut Français in Istanbul:

  • Pay for A1 and A2 levels 884 TL (442 x 2) in weekdays instead of 1710 TL (855 x 2); and 986 TL (493 x 2) for the weekend courses instead of 1846 TL (923 x 2).
  • Pay for B1,B2,C1 and C2 levels 1526 TL (509 x 3) instead of 2565 TL for the weekdays; and 1679 TL (560 x 3) instead of 2769 TL (923 x 3) for the weekend courses.
  • The rest of the fees is paid by the foundation. If scholars accomplish the level with a success ratio of 80%, then for the next level the foundation pays 450 TL instead of 400 TL for success incentive of the student.

- For more information for the courses, please visit Institut Français d'Istanboul's website.

How Much Is The Foreign Language Scholarhip, When and How Is Paid?

 Foreign language scholarship is 400TL for each course(A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2) in 2016. This amount is paid at the end of each course directly to the company after receiving the invoice.

Other extra fees are paid by the scholarship student.

If the scholarship student passes to the next course with the degree of 80% or higher, YCF increases the amount to 500TL in order to encourage the student.

Is it possible to make an agreement with the language school company?

The foreign language school company can make an agreement with YCF and guarantee the payment at the end of the course.

At the end of the course, The foreign language school company have to give

1. Student's time sheets and grades

2. Invoice and information about the next course attendence

       a. A copy of the agreement form

       b. A copy of the success and continuity report

Does The Scholarship Student Have The Right to Choose Foreign Language School?

Scholarship students out of Istanbul can choose any foreign language school. They do not have to choose courses of  INSTITUT FRANÇAIS D'ISTANBOUL or BRITISH CULTURE. However, the amount that YCF will fund does not change and the rest is paid by the scholarship student.

Is It Possible to Donate for the Language Scholarship?

Donors can volunteer and donate for the teenagers to be integrated to the world and educate themselves. This can be done via our website with credit card. Donations for language scholarships are used only for language scholarships.

Is It Possible to Have Scholarships for Online Language Courses or Any Different Language Courses?

Online Education created especially for Anatolian students, offering languages courses with high quality. Online English Education Agreement between our foundation and Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Center (BÜYEM) has been reached and project was applied in 2016.For other languages,our foundation's research are continuing.

(Translated by Volunteer Ali Ata Tuz and İpek Pınar Çelik)