Yücel Cultural Foundation is giving scholarships to successful secondary education, undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students in need of financial support, and youngsters, who want to learn a foreign language, independently of being a student, both in Turkey and abroad.
Youngsters, who want to benefit from scholarships, can apply via bursverenler.org web site, a project of our foundation, in which scholarship givers and receivers gather under the same roof, after completing the application process, specified in the relevant announcement.

Half Apple Scholarship;
Half-Apple Scholarship is a free and complimentary program, in which students receive the half of the scholarship from a contributor and the other half from Yücel Cultural Foundation and/or another contributor. The amount is 500.-TL per month. Students receive the scholarship for a period of 12 months. Turkish citizens who are university students in need of financial support can apply for this scholarship. You can apply via bursverenler.org any day of the year. For further information>>

Foreign Language Scholarships;
This scholarship is for youngsters, who lack the foreign language skills and would like to enrich their life by learning a new language. Students, who are entitled to a foreign language scholarship receive a portion of their course fee as form of a scholarship from Yücel Cultura Foundation. Successful completion of a level will result with the continuation of support for the next level. It is not required to be a university student in order to apply for this scholarship. Everyone between the ages of 18 – 26 can apply via bursverenler.orgFor further information>>

Master and Doctoral Studies Scholarships;
Master and doctoral studies scholarship is open for the participants below the age of 33, who are doing research, having a research project or doing their master or doctoral studies. Projects in every disciplines of the science, every research, work or project contributing to the development of our country is eligible for this scholarship. The contribution is a one-time contribution, yet the Board of Directors may decide to provide the entirety of the requested amount, make a partial contribution, make a higher contribution than requested or extend the period of contribution. Applications can be done via bursverenler.orgFor further information>>

High Merit and Talent Scholarships;
High Merit and Talent Scholarships are open for applicants of below the age of 28. This scholarship is personal and is one-time support to the projects of young people of limited economic means who are successful in the domains of art, culture or sports. The Board of Directors may decide to provide the entirety of the requested amount, make a partial contribution, make a higher contribution than requested or extend the period of contribution. Being a student is not a condition of application. You can apply online via bursverenler.orgFor further information>>

Piggy Bank Scholarship;
The Piggy Bank is the financial support for the education of young people which consists of accumulation of small donations in an account. The symbolic 5.-TL received from the applicants in their scholarship applications is also accumulated in this piggy bank and returned to the youth as a scholarship opportunity. Each time a student accumulates 5,000.-TL in a piggy bank, 500.-TL per month for 10 months is given to a student from this scholarship. There is no specific scholarship announcement date. Only applications from bursverenler.org is accepted. For further information>>

Secondary Education Scholarships;
Middle school students studying at institutions, including private schools, public schools, student groups. Individual applications are not eligible. Students will participate in national or international competitions, seminars, research projects, meetings, culture, art and science activities. Student groups may incur such expenses as travel money, food costs, vacation expenses, other purchase costs, car rental etc. necessary to the fulfillment the project. Applications sent to info@yucelkulturvakfi.org via e-mail are accepted.

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