From platform which is made by the more than 50 years old experience in giving scholarships and assurance of Yucel Culture Foundation, you can easily find all trustworthy institutions which support education.

We have three main goals:

  1. Create sources for education and make more young people easily benefit from opportunities of scholarship
  2. Make individual donators donate and co-work with the other institutions giving scholarship so that there will be more institutions which can give scholarship.
  3. Develop the consciousness of donating to education through turning institutions into the ones which are able to give scholarship

Easy Application: We planned to make applications through a single channel. From primary school to the last stage of education, most of our personal information does not actually change. (Identity Number, mother and father name, place of birth) Once a student fills the form, in succeeding years, s/he can apply to different scholarship with the same form. As the student grows, it is possible to add his / her new achievements, points and certificates to his / her form at any time, thus increasing the chance of receiving scholarships and applying for new scholarships. There is no need for the student to pursue paperwork and deliver them to the cargo companies and the scholarship institutions by spending money and time. By taking pictures or scan & upload method, the documents can be easily delivered to the institutions via

Easy Communication with Institutions: If the student cannot decide where to apply, shows information about scholarship organizations, application dates, criteria, etc. in bulk, provides the student with ease of choice. Institutions' evaluations about the student, calling for an interview, requesting additional documents, such as feedback can easily make correspondence through the site. So everything is tracked over the web.
If the student cannot receive a scholarship from the institution during that application period, it provides the chance to reapply to the same institutions easily. Some scholarship organizations accept applications periodically. follows the process on behalf of the student and transmits it to the institutions on the first day of application acceptance. Thus, no application process is missed.

Providing Donors to Institutions: Individual donors provide the opportunity to review the conditions, scholarship details of foundations and associations that grant scholarships under collectively and donate directly to that institution through the site. Due to the security of the applicants' personal information, individual donors were prevented from granting scholarships directly to the students.

Who Can Use This Platform?

  1. People looking for scholarship in Turkey or outside of Turkey
  2. Foundations, associations, scholarship holders and trademarks, educational institutions, chambers of commerce and industry can use this platform free of charge.

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