The Piggy Bank is the financial support for the education of young people which consists of accumulation of small donations in an account.

Each time a student accumulates 10.000.-TL in a piggy bank, 1.000.-TL per month for 10 months is given to a student from this scholarship. There is no specific scholarship announcement date.

1. Is there an application period?

No, you can always apply via because there is a scholarship granted as the money accumulates in the piggy bank.

 If you do not receive the scholarship within 360 days, you must re-apply.

2. Who decides who will be awarded a scholarship?

The person who has made the most known donations during that piggy bank accumulation period is asked to choose the scholarship among the applicants.

If he does not exercise this right, scholarship is assigned by the system to the first student with the highest rating.
Applications are accepted online only through

You can donate any amount of TL in Piggy Bank Scholarship.