Yücel Cultural Foundation has a very important place in our societal life and in order for it to reach more young people to support; it is dependent on the donations and the incomes related to the designated sources during its foundation.

REAL-ESTATE DONATIONS: Can be made in two manners.

a. When the donor is alive, (s)he can donate any of his/her transferable or immovable assets or rights to the foundation with or without conditions. While donating, (s)he can save the right of use or of residence. In that manner, only the ownership of the right or asset is transferred to the foundation and the right of use and benefiting from the related-incomes stay at the donor until the rest of his/her life. There is no possibility of retreat from this type of donations, except potential contradiction to law.


b. The donor can donate any asset entirely or partially to the foundation via a testamentary arrangement. The donor may also add to his/her testament special conditions such as holding the funeral by the foundation, the maintenance of the tomb or prayers regulated by the foundation. The most important point in such donations is that the testamentary arrangement should be a document valid after the death of the donor.

Yücel Cultural Foundation, provides legal support via its lawyers to the persons who would like to donate or make testamentary arrangements. 

You can contact with us for the real estate donations via info@yucelkulturvakfi.org

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