Declaration of Donor Rights

  • Right to receive information on YKV's mission, vision, how and where donation revenue is spent, capacity of efficient management of expenditures in line with the foundation's purposes.
  • Right to receive information on YKV's board and managers and expect them to conduct their mission with foresight and caution.
  • Right to have access to up-to-date financial information.
  • Right to ask and receive guarantee that donations are spent in line with the donor's wishes and purposes. Expect to receive monthly e-mail reports that Half-Apple Scholarships were properly directed to students.
  • Right to receive a proper acknowledgement in return for their donations.
  • Right to demand discretion regarding individual donations in line with the rule-of-law..
  • Right to expect professional conduct from employees of the foundation during the donation process.
  • Right to receive information on whether the employee of the foundation currently conducting the donor's business is a full-time worker, a volunteer or somebody from an external source.
  • Right to demand omittance of contact information from all the lists which are shared with third parties.
  • Right to ask questions and expect to receive clear and correct answers during the donation process.


As members of Yucel Culturel Foundation, we believe that donation is a voluntary gesture and giving and sharing increases our quality of life. We value non-governmental organizations and their projects, realize that they are very important in obtaining public trust and respect. Since we think donors should be able to contribute wisely and safely, we stand by, support and acknowledge all the items stated in the declaration above regarding potential and current donor's rights and expectations.