Privacy Policy

In order to better serve its sponsors, Yucel Kultur Vakfi requests personal information (such as name, interests, age, e-mail etc.) from sholarship applicants.
Such personal information is never shared by third parties unless requested by the person involved and never sold or otherwise used for commercial purposes.

In addition, Yucel Kultur Vakfi does not log, analyze or interpret visitor activities or preferences conducted on its website.
Only the user has access and modification rights to the information entered and it is not possible for some else to gain access and change such data.

Yucel Kultur Vakfi informational e-mails have an unsubscribe link named “Kampanya duyurularından haberdar olmak istemiyorsanız lütfen tıklayınız.” at the bottom of each message, which can be used to discontinue receiving such messages if needed.

Credit card information required for donations are never stored in any of the servers belonging to Yucel Kultur Vakfi or its host companies. All such transactions are conducted solely between your computer and the bank using the YKV interface.

YKV can be reached by visiting "Contact Us" page on the website.