Yarım Elma Scholars Outcomes

You can see the scholarship waiting list, term of 2015-2016, below:

This list regulated according to not priority but alphabetically to help students find their name easily.

738 of the more than 2836 applicants got rejected because of missing documents, wrong statement and other reasons by the selection commission. 

Students whose names are on this page are confirmed on their need for a scholarship, yet a scholarship can only start when a new contributor decides to select them in the framework of Half-Apple Scholarship Program.

Also, the selection committee identified the 261 students as having priority for the contributors who leave the selection to the Foundation. (This information, however, is not shared with the public as a requirement of the Foundation's principles.) These priority students' scholarship can only start when the contributors start to make donation to them.

Contributors who want to select the scholarship student themselves should inform our Foundation by phone or e-mail by transmitting the information regarding to their bank account. (Students who received the scholarship in the past year and for whom the contributors are willing to continue will keep receiving their scholarship in their bank accounts.)