Half-Apple Scholarship Donations


Would you like to support a successful university student?

You can do so while spending less than 2.9 TL per day!

Yücel Cultural Foundation gives 175 TL per month (175 TL X 12 Months = 2100TL) to the successful university students in need. In order to help more young people, however, we started with the Half-Apple Scholarships: the half of this amount is donated by a contributor whereas the other half is paid by our foundation and/or another contributer.

How Does The System Work?

Contributors donate the half of the scholarship (1050 TL) in cash or per credit card (in 9 hire-purchase) to Yücel Cultural Foundation, and the rest (1050 TL)  is paid by the resources that the foundation has generated. If there are more contributors or the budget is raised above the limit that the Steering Committee set, two half-apple scholarship donations are unified to pay one scholarship of 175 TL per month for one student transferred to his or her bank account.

How Do You Choose The Scholarship Students?

In line with the article 11 of our scholarship regulation (www.yucelkulturvakfi.org/icerik/12). If you wish to directly see the selection criteria, you can take a look at the following address: www.yucelkulturvakfi.org/icerik/20

Selected scholars are put into order according to their needs.

You don’t have to respect our order to donate for the Half-Apple Scholarships.

Which Documents Are Requested From The Students In Order To Evaluate Their Folders?

Probable Necessary Documents: 

1. To make a scholarship application you need to first fill the Application Form for Higher Education Scholarships and mail it to info@yucelkulturvakfi.org (this mail address is protected against undesired emails). Then, print out the form and sign it. You are required both to email the unsigned form and send or bring the signed/printed out form to us with other necessary documents.
2. Two pictures
3. Criminal Record
4. For those who are already registered students a student 'registration attest from the university'; students of the 2d year or higher a transcript and registration certificate
5. Residence certificate
6. Two-sided copies of student's; his/her mother's and father's identity cards (If mother or father has passed away or they are separated, a detailed population registration certificate should be added)
7.Lease of house, income documents of family (payroll, tax return etc.)

Can I Choose The Scholarship Student Myself?

Of course…  You can the scholarship student choose yourself that you would like to support among the students selected by the Scholarship Committee. You can, even, set further criteria or donate to a student from the same region as you are or to a student studying in a certain school or discipline. You can also decide if you would like to support a feminine or a masculine student.

Can I Support A Student That I Know Via The Half-Apple Scholarships?

No. Half-Apple Scholarships can be donated to the students who made an application to this scholarship during the application period and selected by the Scholarship Committee, but haven't received a scholarship yet due to the reasons of limited budget.

Can I Offer Full Scholarships In The FrameWork Of This Project?

No. As you can understand from the name of the scholarship, you can only offer the half of a scholarship. This corresponds to an amount of 1050TL per year. If you would donate 2100TL then you will be supporting two students. (If you offer a scholarship for two students, you would donate 2100 TL / 365 Day = 5.75 TL per day.)

Do You Pay The Scholarship Directly To The Student In Cash?

No. We request from our scholarship students in all around Turkey to open a bank account. In this way, they do not pay for the money transmission and other banking services.

All of Yücel Cultural Foundation's activities are made in lines with the legal framework and in a transparent manner.

How Can I Be Sure That The Scholarship Is Paid?

If you wish, we can send you the bank transfer receipt to your email address each month.

Do You Inform The Student's Family or School For The Scholarship That (S)He I RECEIVING?

We inform students per email and phone, families (for those who have their family alive) and schools are informed by a letter.

How Do You Follow Students' Academic Success?

We request transcripts from the schools that the students are affiliated with by the end of each academic semester. If requested by the contributor, we can share the information regarding the academic achievement with the contributors. There are supplementary courses for the students, whom we follow closely their achievement, in terms of the subjects that they prefer to develop their talents and knowledge. Also they take part in the cultural activities that our Foundation organizes. Students already request our help under the unexpected circumstances.

Will I Be Meeting The Student To Whom I Am Donating Half-Apple Scholarship?

If you wish to do so, you certainly can. Some contributors do not want their name to be known by the students, if there is no such situation, then we share the contributor's name, surname, phone number and e-mail addresses with the student. We explain them that they should inform the contributors about their successes and develop good relations with them. We also explain that these steps are important for the continuation of their scholarship in the coming years. Meeting with the scholarship student is a preference but not an obligation. 

Does The Contributor Have Other Resposibilities Towards The Scholarship Student?

No, you don't have any other responsibilities towards the student and you also don't have to continue with the scholarship in the subsequent years.

May I Stop With The Donation During The Year?

Your Half-Apple donation is under our one-year guarantee of the YKV to the student, and therefore you cannot stop during the year. To the extent that the scholarship regulation is respected by the student, the scholarship continues during the entire year. If student fails to respect the requirements set by the regulation, then the following student on the list will receive the scholarship for the rest of that year. Your contribution will not go to the general pool of scholarships. After having transferred the scholarship to the following person in the list of students, we will inform you about this decision and send you the payment receipts of the new student.

Why can not YKV cultural foundation get all the scholarship?

1) To provide more scholarships with the funds of the foundation for young people.

2) In society, to create awareness of youth and educational support.

3) Developing donation habits and spreading to the base.

4) Leaving the priority of scholarship selection criteria to the conscience of the society.