We congratulate Hasan Demirtaş who is the new member of Yücel Kültür Foundation high merit scholars family! We support education of many young people as Hasan Demirtaş thanks to our scholarship program in which we support talented and successful young people in science and art. Those who wonder about Hasan’s story, can read his own words below :) 

“I am Hasan Meritaş. I was born in Mardin in 1990. I completed primary and high schools in Mardin. I spent my years in high school by doing sports as I was in a sports high school. Along sports, I did volunteering in social responsibility projects of many civil society organizations during high school years. After high school I got into Mustafa Kemal University. I transferred from Mustafa Kemal University to Marmara University. I was graduated from Marmara University Department of Sport Management. I made two short films during my undergradute study. I participated in short and full-length film projects. During my undergraduate study I also tried to improve myself in cinema theory in order to improve in cinema. I wanted to study cinema in university after high school but I was not able to do non-area preference as I graduated from a sports high school. I decided to study cinema for master degree when I was preparing for the university. I was accepted to Northwestern University Department of Cinema Television in U.S for master degree. When I was searching for a scholarship, I’ve come across Yücel Foundation. Yücel Foundation’s approach and care caused me to come one step closer to my dreams. I believe that my studies in U.S. will contribute to my academic career and films that I’m going to make, because, the department that I am going to study wants to create a new movement in world cinema. When I improve myself in narrative ciema theoratically and pratically, I believe that I will contribute to world cinema, too.”

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