I am Seyma Tamer. I was born in Istanbul at 1987. I took scholarship from Yucel Cultural Foundation for 12 years for my Beyoglu Anatolian High School education, philosophy undergraduate in Galatasaray University and Strasbourg University philosophy of science and for my Popular Science post graduation. Now I live in Paris and I am working in a foundation, which makes organizations about popular science.

Popular science can be understood from every category of society. For understanding popular science here some examples: making presentations to do children for introducing some branches of science, making works to give society sensibility about renewable energy, nutrition and extravaganza of nutrition in the science festivals; briefly, making contributions for society’s become conscious from little ages about sciences and their own environment.

Today, I own most important part of my happy situation to Yucel Cultural Foundation family for their material and spiritual supports. In the projects of young people makes consideration with common sense and modern attitude for this Yucel Cultural Foundation plays a important role for making modern structure which is need of Turkey.

Youngsters, don’t be scared from make real your dreams. If you set your targets with stability, make an effort for your own personal progress and for formation of modern society, YKV family will be with you. I believe this with all my heartiness and offering my thanks to YKV again and again!"

Şeyma Tamer

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