"When a person comes to Istanbul from a small city can face with two cases. Either scary socialization of Istanbul exclude / pushing to be excluded or that person feels indigestion and tries to reach everything in the same time. At that point Yucel Cultural Foundation offers you a third option. YKV gives chances to pass as qualitatively and controlled to the that big cities intellectual accumulation. At least it was like this for me. I can still remember like yesterday first exhibition of my life, which was 'Van Gogh Alive'…

One of the fundamental principles of secular societies is when it give meaning to the individual based on human not on the person’s group identity. With another expression, group of individual is not important in have a meaning for a person. Yucel Cultural Foundation shows and teaches you how it can be possible in the practice. I am volunteer in YKV for 3 years and my ideas are not meta to separate me from others. There is more: with this way you are learning how you suppose to behave to the people from equitable perspective.

Another big problem for young person who came to Istanbul is English. I suppose you who are reading this message do not know activity of YKV for using English.

I have an experience with YKV, thanks to YKV I found a chance to be a part of the project of Peace Work Institute. With this project I travelled Armenia and France also I made English practice which I can not find anywhere in my education life. At the same time, I took Conflict Management education and improved myself in this context.

All experiences I got through these activities gave me a chance for making intern in an International Law Office in the Dusseldorf. I believe my experiences, which came to me thanks to YKV, will give me many chances.

Musa Kurt

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