The main aim of the free and face-to-face conversation club organized by Yücel Cultural Foundation will be for young people between the ages of 16-30 (parental permission is required for applications between 16 - 18) to practice English, communicate in a foreign language and maintain their current level. We will try to provide you with fun and educational activities in this club for one and a half hours a week face to face. Marking your level correctly will greatly benefit both your adaptation to the group and the functioning of the group.

One of the most fundamental elements of learning is continuity. We plan to hold eight meetings over two months. Please check the day and times carefully and only apply if it is convenient for you and you are able to participate continuously. This is our primary request in order to prevent injustice to those who want to participate but cannot. (It will last for 2 months between February and April.)

It is open to people of different levels (A2-B1-B2 and C1/C2). (Our priority is young people between 16 - 30 years old living in Istanbul.) There is a quota limit of 20 people in total.

If all this information is suitable for you, please fill in the form below until "Monday, February 12 at 18.00". We will accept a total of 20 people to the English Speaking Club and workshops will be held in one group. As of Saturday, February 17, 2024, our English Speaking Club workshops between 16.00 - 17.30 will start.

Evaluation results will be sent via e-mail.

Click for the application link to join the English Speaking Club.

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