Volunteering is an act of a socially responsible individual who freely performs work for an organization or a group and helps with his/her knowledge, time, skills, experience and resources without expecting something in return.

YKV's volunteering strategy

Although the act of volunteering is generally realized by the free will of an individual, YKV's believes that the he/she should get some benefits in return. As such, YKV's volunteering strategy is based on the adequate compensation of volunteers in return for meeting their responsibilities to the foundation.

What is volunteering at YKV

YKV always makes sure that volunteers are properly compensated.
YKV provides volunteers opportunities for self-improvenment.
YKV helps volunteers improve their self-confidance and communication skills.
YKV provides volunteers opportunities for coming up with new projects and improving their creativity.
YKV provides volunteers an environment for interaction with others and experience teamwork.
YKV and volunteers have an understanding of mutual responsibility towards one another.

What volunteering is not at YKV

YKV never considers a volunteer as a free worker.
YKV will never force anyone to perform any work he/she doesn't want.
Volunteering at YKV does not mean working without discipline or without a plan.

If you are interested in volunteering for YKV, please fill out the form at this link and mail it to:


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