The main purpose of the conversation club organized by the Yücel Cultural Foundation, free and online, is for young people aged 16-30 (parental permission is required for applications aged 16-18) to practice English, communicate in a foreign language, and maintain their current proficiency. Depending on your level, we will strive to facilitate fun and educational activities in this club for one hour every week via Zoom, with a team and a facilitator. Accurately indicating your level will greatly benefit both your adaptation to the group and the functioning of the group.

One of the fundamental elements of learning is continuity. We plan to have 8 meetings over 2 months. Please carefully check the day and time, and complete your application only if it is convenient for you and you can participate consistently. This is our priority request to prevent unfairness to those who want to join but cannot.
We can accommodate a total of 100 people in this club from three different levels (A2-B1-B2 and above) in four groups. The most crucial criterion for selection is confirming your commitment to regularly attend this club.
You can see which group will work on which days below. It is essential to check if the day and time are suitable for you.

If all this information is suitable for you, please fill out the form below by June 1, 2023, at 18:00. We will accept 100 people into the English Speaking Club, and workshops will be conducted in 4 groups of 25 people each. Our English Speaking Club workshops will start on June 12, 2023, Monday.

Assessment results will be communicated via email.

To join the English Speaking Club, click here!

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