The primary objective of the conversation club organized by the Yücel Cultural Foundation, free of charge and online, is to enable individuals aged 16-29 to practice English, engage in foreign language communication, and sustain their current language proficiency. Guided by a facilitator, you will collaborate with a team tailored to your proficiency level, participating in entertaining and educational activities via Zoom for one hour each week.

Consistency is one of the fundamental elements of learning. We plan to conduct 8 meetings over a 2-month period. Please carefully review your availability in terms of days and hours, and complete your application only if it is suitable for you and you can commit to regular participation. This is our primary request to avoid any unfairness to those who wish to join but cannot participate.

We can include a total of 100 people in this club, distributed across 3 different levels (A2-B1-B2 and above) in 4 groups. The key criterion for selection is your confirmation of regular attendance in this club.

Below, you can see which group will meet on which days. It is crucial that you check if the day and time suit you.

If all this information is suitable for you, please fill out the form below by 'February 3, 2023, Friday at 18:00.' We will accept 100 people into the English conversation club and conduct workshop sessions in 4 groups of 25 individuals each. Our English Conversation Club workshop sessions will start on February 13, 2023, Monday.

Assessment results will be communicated via email.

To join the English Conversation Club, click here!

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