Project-based donation, unlike Yücel Culture Foundation's support to young people, they are donations provided by donors for projects on a specific subject. 100% of the donation is used entirely for the project concerned.

How does the system work?

a. Project Owners: They convey a feasibility to the relevant unit of the foundation, explaining their projects, their targets, the cost of the project and the times of its realization.

b. Foundation: It publishes these projects and tries to find donors. If the support is not reached, the missing part may be supported by the foundation according to the decision of the board of directors. A contract is signed between the sponsor, the developer and the foundation. For large projects (projects involving more than one person and stage), the foundation assigns experts to determine the suitability of the actual stages to the project.

c. Donator: They may request a contract for their support. During the project, they may request publication of their name and title. In research-related projects, they may make a number of requests such as the name right in return for their support.

Projects: There can be many different projects involving research, artistic, social, cultural or scientific subjects. Some projects may include topics supported by the European Union or local authorities. In such projects, a non-profit organization (Foundation), local government support and a project partner from abroad are generally required. The Foundation can take your projects further.

With the approval of our Board of Directors, our foundation always encourages the support of young people's projects.
You can donate TL in Project Based Donations.

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