Our high merit scholar İbrahim YEŞİLAY could have the chance to participate with our support to Le Grand Prix de l'Opera in Romania and the 33d Hans Gabor Song Competition in Germany. Not only did he succeed in these two events, but he is also  going to Düsseldorf now!..

He passed the national elimination at Le Grand Prix de l'Opera and made the final at the 33d Hans Gabor Song Competition. Moreover, he fascinated everyone in the competition. He has received many offers from the opera and art agencies. Düsseldorf Opera made an offer too. İbrahim signed a two year contract with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and is going to continue with his work at their studios.

As Yücel Cultural Foundation, we are happy and honored to support talented and successful young people in culture, art, sport and science by opening new doors of possibility for them.

Here below you can read İbrahim's opera adventure in his own words:

"Hello I am İbrahim YEŞİLAY. I am born in Ankara in the month of December in 1990. I have done my high school in Computer Software Programming in a technical school and then continued with my bachelor's studies in Computer Teaching program of Gazi University. I am currently student in the first class bachelor at the State Conservatory of Ankara. Actually, I have never been a music-passionate.  Like every other young person in Turkey, I have been raised to become a state-employee. However, I discovered my interest in opera three years ago via a friend of mine. It all happened, thus, in such a short span of time. I mean in such a short period opera became very central to my life, heart, brain and dreams…When I was graduated from my bachelor in Computer Teaching, I was thinking to participate the special talent competition of the conservatory. All of the sudden, I found myself in a singing class, then as receiving the second prize in the Izmir Young Soloists Competition and as a third step I found myself competing at the final of the Belvedere Singing Competition which is one of the most prestigious competitions in Germany. After all, I signed a contract with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Germany. The only barrier at this moment is the visa procedure that the German government has for the Turkish citizens. I will be closer to my dreams when this is resolved. According to my contract, the rehearsals are starting from the 21st of August. In other words, it is happening pretty soon… Yücel Cultural Foundation has given me the greatest moral and material support in the path leading to my dreams. I thank them for supporting young people with dreams like myself and promise to support at least one motivated young person in the future in the framework of YKV. "


You can see some pictures of İbrahim’s performance at the Hans Gabor Song Competition. YKV was also present with its cameras during these beautiful moments!

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