Sultanahmet Building


Abud Efendi Mansion owned by Yücel Cultural Foundation covers a total area of 3243 square meters with its garden and annexes.

That structure which was constructed from wood in the late 1800s achieved its current exterior appearance by being mortared and painted its exterior wall in the 1930s.

There is a magnificant public fountain which is made of brocatelles at the entrance of the structure which can be considered a unique example of the era.

Inside of the structure which was built in the seraglio order form and bears a typical Ottoman architectural character, there is two way stairs system.

Interior ornamentation of the structure which is as stunning as its architecture, plafonds are equal to compete the best examples of the era.

It is one of the unique examples with stalactite ceiling and landscape pictures which has been survived until today since 19. century. It was registered by high board of monuments in 1983 as second-order historical monument that should be preserved.

It is located on historical Eminönü Peninsula, at a distance of 70 meter from Haghia Sophia adjacent to Basilica Cistern, the region between Gülhane and Sultanahmet neighborhoods, contiguous to Alemdar Street (Streetcar Track) which is in the position of the region’s important transportation route, Salkım Söğüt and Zeynep Sultan from backside.

The building consists of 4 main floors and 1 penthouse and is connected to adjoining Turkish bath building from the first floor. It is known that Abud Efendi who was from one of Damascus Notables hosted his guests in this building which is close to Topkapı Palace. 3 spouts drinking water got connected to the Mansion in that era.

It is estimated that in this building which is surrounded by Constantinople period ruins, Some parts of Chalkopteria–Hagia Priory ruins which is Constantinople’s first and most important structures stand in this land parcel.

Alemdar cinema was built which is the first cinema in which women and men watch cinema together under the building in 1939.It was donated to our foundation which is established in 1969. Indoor sports hall was annexed to the backyard.

It had been used as American Language Center, accounting, language, typewriter courses had been given.and it played host for Sisterhood Club and Youth Club which were some of social and cultural facilitiations of the foundation.

Relievo, restitution and restoration projects were approved (allowably multi-functional use) by Cultural Assets Preservation Foundation.

Electricity, statics, mechanics projects have been completed for the restroration expenses and estimated cost has been counted.Restoration will be dono by Foundation

Facilty is waiting for entrepreneurs,