Who are Culture Hunters?

Who are Culture Hunters?

YKV's Culture Hunters project was designed to help out and provide support for needy, young people who are and interested in arts and culture.

Culture hunters seek out and discover all the cultural/arts events currently happening in town. They are a team of constantly growing young people who are aware of the importance of culture and arts in an individual's life and like to think, read and write about such events. It provides opportunities in a wide spectrum of events from concerts to exhibitions, from festivals to theatre and from seminars to cinema...

Since you are currently reading these lines and interested in joining, we'd like to see you among us.

What's the purpose?

The purpose of the project is to have young people join culture and arts events they are interested in, based on their requests and suggestions.

How does it work?

1. You can become a member by paying an annual 50 TL membership fee.
2. You can send suggestions on cultural/arts events and activities that you'd like to join to etkinlik@yucelkulturvakfi.org
3. YKV pays 50% of the cost of the tickets for such events. To accomplish this, you need to press "I want to join the activity" button on YKV's web page under "Activities".
(For instance, you can pay 20 TL for a concert ticket which costs 40 TL and make your reservation)
4. For group reservations to events, YKV will do its best to eliminate organizational and financial problems which may arise during reservations and transportation.

Important rules to keep in mind

1. Each Culture Hunter may join three activities per month.
2. No refunds will be issued if a Culture Hunter fails to show up for an event, since the ticket has already been bought and paid for by YKV.
3. If a Culture Hunter decides to cancel his/her reservation and fails to notify YKV about the cancellation 48 hours before the start of such event at etkinlik@yucelkulturvakfi.org, his/her membership will be terminated. To reinstate the membership, he/she must restart the membership process and repay the annual fee.
4. Since YKV gets student discounts for tickets, Culture Hunters are required to have their student ID's ready while attending events in case they are checked before entry.