I'm Hasan Demirtaş, born in 1990, in the province of Mardin, Turkey. I have graduated from primary and secondary education in Mardin. Since my high-school specialized in sports activities, I was always involved in sports. During this time I also volunteered in non-governmental organizations and did social work. I studied at Hatay Mustafa Kemal University and later transferred to Marmara University Sports Management Department from where I graduated. During my studies I made two short movies and involved in the production of several short and regular movies. I studied movie production during my university years. I have always wanted to study movie production but since my high school was a sports-based school and due to various restrictions and regulations, I was unable to do so. I was accepted to the Movies and Television Department of Northwestern University in the USA. During my research for scholarship I came accross YKV which got me closer to my dreams. At Northwestern University, I will be studying the theory and practices of narrative films towards my master's degree. Narrative films is a new trend in cinema and I sincerely believe that I'll contribute to world cinema in this field after graduation.

Hasan Demirtaş

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