What is the Culture Hunters of Yücel Cultural Foundation?

The Culture Hunters project is a project supported by Yücel Cultural Foundation that aims supporting young people who want to improve themselves because of financial factors and want to be active in culture and arts.The Culture Hunters find out whole works that are valuable from the city's culture-arts life. It is a team that grows and develops with young people who know the importance of culture and art in the life of the individual, who love to write and think about art, read and think. From the concert to the theatre, festival to theatre, seminar to the cinema and so on. offers opportunities for young people in a wide range of fans. If you are reading these lines now and you want to join us, we are waiting for you too!

How can I become a Culture Hunter?

1. First, go to www.yucelkulturvakfi.org and click to become a member

2. Login to the site as a member, on the Culture Hunters Membership fee that is located at Members Menu in the right up corner pay into the membership fee of 50 TL per year.

3. Congratulations! You are now a "culture hunter." Choose the event you want to go, we will pay half of it.

Important rules to keep in mind

1. Each Culture Hunter may join three activities per month.

2. No refunds will be issued if a Culture Hunter fails to show up for an event, since the ticket has already been bought and paid for by YKV.

3. 48 Hours Rule : If a Culture Hunter decides to cancel his/her reservation and fails to notify YKV about the cancellation 48 hours before the start of such event at etkinlik@yucelkulturvakfi.org, his/her membership will be terminated. To reinstate the membership, he/she must restart the membership process and repay the annual fee. In this case; he or she must become a member of the Culture Hunters again to participate in next events.