We Are Waiting For You To 'Survival Guide For Persons Who Are Searching For The Right Person'

Since when we are looking for 'the right people'? Maybe we can find until now but why couldn't we find the people that should be in our lives?

Here comes the YKV with an interesting conversation again! 'Finding the right person' is created for answering the questions in your mind. Can you trust people in your life? What is it that you are exactly expecting from the other side? People you are working with are the people that you should really be side by side? How can you choose the right job, work or school?

In this conversation, we are not going to touch on just the bilateral relations but also the subjects about work life, social life, family life and human relations. Our presenter Haluk Kula will approach the subject as a pure and basic system issue. Be sure that you haven't participate a relationship autopsy like that before.

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DATE: 16th June Tuesday 

PLACE: Yücel Kültür Vakf K z ltoprak Ofisi

TIME: 16:30