Open Positions

General Coordinator and Media Relations Manager

Persons working at this position will report to the Secretary General of the Foundation.
Responsibilities include:

. Coordinating projects based on fundamental goals of the foundation.
. Coordinationg national and international projects for YKV, which is accredited by the European Union as well as developing new ones for young people.
. Starting new media strategies and developing their budgets.
. Managing media and social media bulletins, media relations.
. Improving and coordinating relationships with YKV's solution partners.
. Specifying solution partners with EVS and coordinating these operations.
. Forming teams and their budgets for media strategies, also including volunteers.
. Specifying themes for seminars and workshops and their organization.
. Managing donation drives, fundraising activities and relations with donors.
. Followup of permissions, applications and official documents from governmental authorities.
. Developing communication strategies related to YKV activities and events.


. A minimum of 8 years of experience in a similar area.
. Familiarity, interest and networking experience in culture and arts.
. College graduate or higher, suited to teamwork.
. Has good command of English, a second language is preferable.
. Very good experience with MS Office software.
. Some experience with graphics software is a plus.

If interested, please forward your CV with a cover letter  to:

Selected applicants will be invited for an interview in September, 2017.