Higher Education Half-Apple Scholarships

Yücel Cultural Foundation brings together contributors and young people of need. Contributors combine their effort in order to support young people's education!

Starting from 2014 – 2015 academic year, applications of university students for a 'Higher Education Scholarship' will be considered as applications for 'Higher Education Half-Apple Scholarships'.

What is Half-Apple Scholarship ?

Half-Apple Scholarship is a system in which students receive the half of the scholarship from a contributer and the other half from the YKV and/or another contributor. It is 175 TL per month. Students receive the scholarship for 12 months. At the end of this period if the contributor would like to continue with the scholarship, then the scholarship continues for the next year as well.


Who can Apply?

Any Turkish Citizen, without any discrimination on the basis of religion, language, ethnic origin or gender can apply for this scholarship. Students whose scholarships have been stopped because they have not fulfilled the requirements of their study program cannot reapply. Students who have selected for a Half-Apple Scholarship but could not find a contributor can reapply in the following years, but their application need to be re-selected again by the committee. 

Students who get scholarships from other foundations can apply for Half Apple Scholarship after remarking their situation.

Applications are not classified according to their universities.

When and How to Apply?

Applications can be made between August 15th to October 15th. Half Apple Scholarship Application Form is not available online on other dates.

Before applying, you need to complete the registration form at YCF’s website by clicking “login” part.

After that, you need to fill up the Half Apple Scholarship Application Form online (you need to write the phone number and email that you used while registration). If you do not remember your registered information, you can see them from “login” page.

You do not need to fill up the form at once, if you wish, you can save and continue afterwards by clicking SAVE TEMPORARILY.

 After you SEND FOR EVALUATION, your Half Apple Scholarship Application Form will be sent to Scholarship Comitee and you will not have the option to change it.Repeated (more than one) applications will not be evaluated in any situation.

You do not need to send any documents at this stage. As YCF, we trust our applicants’ statements and evaluate according to their Half Apple Scholarship Application Form.

We know the importence of your money, time, effort and thus we want necessary documents after you are selected in order to control and track them.

How Are The Applications Evaluated?

Applications are evaluated according to the criteria sdetermined by YCF Board and than given points by a software so that any kind of unfair situation is prevented. Furthermore, chosen applications are investigated byScholarship Comitee in order to match the documents with application forms.

What Is the Date of Result Announcement?

Applicants that have the right to have scholarship will be published on scholarship results part as ``Half Apple Scholarship Waiting List`` after 11/1/2016. Announcements will be also made from foundation's social media accounts.

Don't forget, being on the list means that you are a candidate for the scholarship. As the feature of the scholarship, you or YCF have to find a donor who can support you.

Who Are The Donors?

Any one who believes the importence of education for youth can be a donor.

Basically, we have two types of donors;

a.Donors who want to choose their scholars

b.Donors who want YCF to choose the best applicant according to their needs.

How Do the Donors Choose Their Scholars?

a.Donors who want to choose their scholar:

They accept YCF's conditions for 2016 and pay the half scholarship fee, 1050TL, as cash or credit card online. In this situation, a code is sent via SMS to the phone of donor and with this code, the donor can see the application forms. After making their decision, they choose and the code is over, they can not see the forms anymore.

b.Donors who want YCF to choose the best applicant according to their needs

In this situation, after receiving the fee, YCF choose the scholar according to their needs.

In both situations, applicant's status is CHOSEN SCHOLAR.

Are the Scholars Paid Immidiately?

In order to pay scholarships

a.YCF need to verify scholar's information according to the documents

b.YCF need to pay the other Half of the Apple

This process may take up to 20 days.

What is YCF's Scholarship Commitment?

The donors have the right to choose to whom they will gives cholarship from the candidates. Candidates need to wait to be chosen by the donor. In this situation, YCF do not guarentee that candidates will have scholarship.

Applicants in the candidate list may find the donor and direct it to YCF by himself/herself, then YCF can evaluate. YCF makes sure that half of the scholarship is paid by a donor and the other half is paid by YCF or other donor.

Verifying scholar's information, following scholar's school success and ending scholarship areYCF's responsibilities.

I Am a ChosenScholar, How and Which Documents Do I Need to Send?

You can send the following documents in 15 days after the announcement to the following adress. Arrival date is considered.

Yücel Kültür Vakfı Zühtüpaşa Mah. Bağdat Cad. Keylan İş Merkezi No:15 Kat:2 D:8 34724 Kızıltoprak - Kadıköy / İSTANBUL

Or you can come to out office and give the documents to us.

Arrival date is considered in mailing, not the sending date. You need to pay attention to send your documents before the due date. Late arriving documents will be considered as ``absent`` and the following applicant will have the right for scholarship.

Documents such as criminal records, student document, transcript or domicile certificate taken from ``e-devlet`` or any electronic school system are not considered as official documents. These documents or copies won't be taken into consideration. Scholars have to send the original documents.

Scholars who send their documents via mailing need to follow their document's arrival place/date from mailing companies' informations. Any questions about these situations won't be answered by YCF.

Required Documents for acceptable candidates (For all candidates)

1. Criminal Record

2. Student certificate from University (not needed for candidates who sent transcirpt )

3. Current residence certificate

4. Copy of Certificate of identity register

To verify informations which filled by candidates (personal)

1. If marked "rental house"on the form, copy of rental contract

2. If graduation grade (GPA) is between 4.00-5.00/80-100, copy of document 

3. Copy of Transcript 

4. If marked on the form, payrolls of family members ,monthly retired sign or similar documents (can take from e-government)

5. If marked on the form,for family members,documents of social security organization for artisans and the self-employed (bağkur),health card for uninsured people in turkey (yeşilkart) exc. copies or documentary from e-devlet

6. If participated to any programs, copies of certificates

7. If written on the form,copy of university placement scores documents 

8. If taken,documents of scholarship from other foundations

Those candidates who sent the documents via cargo or mail should check their documents from courier company. Otherwise,Yücel Culture Foundation will not answer questions about arrival of the documents.

The Terms used in website:

Candidates who verified their documents: The candidate whose documents sent to our foundation should be confirmed with application form.

Chosen scholarship students: Candidate who were chosen by a donator,who could not find their half apple and whose information did not verified yet, nevertheless his/her name is on the scholarship list.

Certain scholarship: Candidate whose information's verified and complited with half apple,12 months of scholarship will start with informing scholarship student's bank account information to related bank.

(Translated by Volunteer Ali Ata Tuz and İpek Pınar Çelik)